Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time to Cut The Fat

Dear Suzy,

Why did they feel the need to make The Biggest Loser a plus size episode this week? If they would stop replaying the 30 seconds before the break after the break, it would be a shorter show. Also, stop recapping the entire series, let alone this season. I'm watching. I am not suffering from short term memory loss. I can remember what happened 2 minutes ago as well as what happened a week ago. This show needs some serious help in the editing department.



This week the reward challenge had each person go into a room alone for 4 minutes. In the room were tables heaped with high calorie food. Everything from chicken wings to m&m's. It was a pig out feast! Whoever ate the most calories would win an additional 3 pounds added to their weight lost that week. Isabeau didn't eat anything, but played a trick on everyone by putting a dab a frosting on the corner of her mouth so they would think she ate. The real drama involved the Blue team. They had all agreed that Neil, the largest person on the team, would eat a lot and no one else on the team was to eat. We saw him scarfing down mass quantities of food, including swallowing an entire bowl of m&m's. In 4 minutes he ate 1500 calories. Unfortunately, Patty, one of his team mates didn't think he actually ate, so when it was her turn, she ate 1700 calories. INSANE!!! Although they won the challenge there was a lot of fighting going on. Even Bob got in on it and told Patty how stupid she was for doing that. However, when the final weigh-in occurred, Patty was the biggest loser for the Blue team this week, even without the additional 3 pound loss. So even if her team wanted to vote her off, they couldn't.

As you can tell from that last sentence, the Blue team lost the weigh-in. In a turn of events, Kim's Red team, who has lost the 2 prior weigh-in won this week. Jillian was not happy at not winning, but she was not as pissed as Bob who lost to both Kim and Jillian. There is definitely some non-friendly competition going on between Bob and Jillian. Maybe because the winners of the first two seasons were from her team? I get the feeling that she hasn't yet let Bob forget this.

The second challenge this week was a race. One member from each team had to run 100 yards. The team with the most winners would be allowed to call home. However, they were not only racing one another, but also a surprise guest. They brought in a 5th grade girl, a 4th grade boy and a kindergarten boy to race them. In all there were 3 races, one against each kid. The girl and the little boy both won their heats, no problem. In fact they totally smoked the adults. In the 4th grade heat, Phil won, but barely. So the Red team won this week again.

As I said, the Blue team lost the final weigh in this week. In the end, they sent Jerry home. Big mistake. He was the biggest loser on their team for 2 weeks in a row. They kept Ryan who has the most to lose and yet only lost 3 pounds this week. Bob is going to be pissed when he finds out what happened.

As for the Black team. Jillian is training them using the skills challenged in the competition on prior seasons. Very smart. She is the toughest trainer there, but interestingly on the follow-up shows, there are always more Blues than Reds. Jillian's program, while good in a vacuum does not work in the real world. It is not sustainable. Bob's is more adaptable to a real world situation. So, even if Jillian's team loses more on the show, Bob's team will keep more of it off.

I like having the 3 teams, but if this horrible editing continues, I may stop watching. Either make it a half hour show, or put in more material. Don't replay what I just saw. It isn't building suspense. It is pissing me off.

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