Saturday, September 29, 2007

Private Practice

Dr. Addison Montgomery Sheppard has left Seattle Grace for Oceanside Wellness Center in sunny Santa Monica. I love this show!!! It is infinitely more interesting than Grey's Anatomy.

This week was the official premier of Private Practice. Last season there was a special 2 hour Gray's in which Addison runs away from Seattle to Santa Monica and gets offered a job by her friend Naomi. This episode was all about the practice Addison joined. The doctors are Naomi, a fertility doctor, her ex-husband Sam, an internist, Pete, the holistic healer, Violet the shrink, Cooper, the pediatrician and Dell, the receptionist who is studying to be a midwife (eventhough he is a man). Naomi failed to tell anyone in the practice that she hired Addison to be their new Ob-Gyn. Of course the staff is pissed and Addison is embarrassed. In the end of course it works out.

The characters on this show rock. Violet is stalking her now married ex-boyfriend, Cooper hooks up with women on the internet who end up robbing him, Pete is the hottie of the show and the subject of much sexual tension with Addison and Dell is the eye candy with a brain. Not only are the characters awesome, but the actors who portray them are great too. We already know how amazing Kate Walsh is. In addition to her there is 3-time Tony winner Audra McDonald, Taye Diggs, Tim Daly and Amy Brenneman.

In the premier episode, Addison does an emergency c-section saving both the mother and baby's lives, with Pete perform acupuncture to block any pain, Violet helping a patient who is having a complete breakdown in a department store on her knees counting floor tiles. Violet is assisted by Cooper. And Naomi and Sam convince a hospital to allow them to withdraw sperm from a man who had a stroke (no pun intended) while making a deposit to inseminate his girlfriend.

That each thing the doctors face mirrors some form of problem in his or her own life is a little hokey, but it works. Sort of the physician heal thyself thing. This is likely to be a huge hit if they can keep up the good writing. Watch this show. Wednesday on ABC.

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