Friday, September 14, 2007

A Visceral Reaction

I really want to like Tim Gunn's Guide to Style more than I do. The show isn't bad, it just needs some work. The best thing about the show, besides Tim of course, is that Tim doesn't try to change a person's style. Instead he helps them apply his rules to their existing style. He and Veronica truly help people learn how to pick clothing that fit properly. As one designer said last night, the right dress on the wrong person is just wrong.

Nevertheless, the show needs help. First of all, the segments with Tim talking about what they did next is totally unnecessary. I'm watching the show, I will see what you do next. I don't need it introduced. Plus during these segments the graphics make it look almost like Tim is floating in space, at least they could have him sitting in a chair or something. But there he is, in a sterile all white space.

Catch phrases. Sometimes they are good, other times, not so much. On PR, Tim's famous "make it work, " is classic. It works. And no one could forget, "what happened to Andrae?" However on TGGTS, two shows in a row Tim has had a negative reaction to something and then says, "oh, that was a visceral response." The first time it was funny. The second time it seemed less authentic to me. Moreover, I saw the response. I didn't need to hear a description of it as well. Tim, you are a funny man, there is no need to try to be funny. You have a dry wit that is wonderful.

As for Veronica Webb, how does she have the right to help someone pick out clothing when she was wearing a picnic table tablecloth last night? Veronica, you aren't on the farm gathering eggs. You are a stunning woman. Even though the dress fit you very well, it was not a good dress. The other clothes you wore during the show were great. But the red and white checkerboard number. Think again.

Finally the "experts" that assist Tim and Veronica are not all experts. Last week they had a 25 year old life coach. At 25 what the hell does he know about life to be giving others coaching on it?!? First he had that night's woman wear a garbage bag. As he explained, "if you can wear a garbage bag, you can wear anything." What the fuck does that mean? Also, he told her pick a theme song for her life and always have it playing in her head. Um, anyone watch Ally McBeal? That is a schtick from Ally. Perhaps that is good advice, but it just seemed like he watch Ally McBeal and thought, "hey, I will tell that to people." Last night's expert was a little better. They actually had the movement coach Tyra used on ANTM. He helped the woman last night walk with more confidence and style. It worked. Why? Because he has experience doing this. If you are going to call someone an expert, make sure they really are one.

I still am holding out hope for TGGTS. Hopefully they will get the kinks worked out soon. As Tim would say, "make it work!"

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