Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weeds Are Hard to Kill

Finally the Weeds we love is back. Last night's episode was great.

Nancy being part of a drive by shooting was great. But her cleaning Marvin's blood off the backseat of her Prius was priceless. She is totally losing it. There is a certain amount of schatenfreude happening here. Almost like watching Whitney Houston on Being Bobby Brown. Mary Louise Parker is playing Nancy fantastically. Nancy was a simple suburban housewife selling pot. Now she is in the middle of gang wars and fighting to keep her family safe. Finally the reality of what she has done is catching up to her. No one could go through this without cracking. She is trying to maintain her sweet innocence while being engulfed by the uglier sider of drug dealing.

The best part of last night's show was Shane's critical thinking class. Shane is taking summer school classes at Absolute Truth Ministries in Majestic, the community next to Agrestic. In his class, the teacher gives the students clues to a murder and the students must figure out what happened. Shane thinks he figured it out and says there was no murder. The teacher says there was a murder, opens an envelope and produces a drawing of an aborted baby. I totally did not see that coming. I couldn't believe they did that. It was a total "oh my god" moment.

Finally the Weeds of old is reappearing. I hope they can keep this going.

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