Monday, September 10, 2007

Gotta Getta Gunn

Sorry for the delay in posting, but since returning from vacation, there has been a lot of catching up to do. But now, without further ado, let's talk about Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Kudos to Bravo for giving Tim his own show. Were it up to me, he would get a lot more screen time on Project Runway than he does currently. So an entire hour featuring his is awesome. Moreover, as this is his show and he is there to give advice to people on fashion, he is not as constrained as he is force to be on PR. On PR, Tim is only allowed to ask questions about the dresses being made and subtly suggest changes. On TGGTS, he has no such restraints. Tim is free to speak his mind. He shows himself to be sassier and funnier than one would have even imagined from watch PR. If you read articles about him or interviews with him, that side of him is clear, but getting to hear it directly from him is fantastic.

In each episode of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style," Gunn uses his unmatched counseling skills, to turn the fashion weary into polished individuals. While Gunn focuses on the big picture of each subject's transformation, Webb guides the women through shopping the Tim Gunn way, by steering their choices and listening to their concerns and offering solutions. The series utilizes several tools to help a diverse set of women make themselves over, including a list of various "fashion icons" the subjects pick from to determine who inspires their style – be it Jackie O., Angelina Jolie or Sarah Jessica Parker. Then, when building their signature looks, the subjects use Gunn's "essential shopping list," which includes 10 basic pieces that no closet should be without. Armed with Gunn's rules, each makeover subject is encouraged to get a great pair of jeans, a trying task for any woman. After the fashion is taken care of, Gunn calls on his friends and colleagues to put the finishing touches on the women, including hair and make-up.

To get a truly accurate silhouette, they take 27 different measurements and with the help of technology called the Optitech, a computer image of the woman's silhouette is made. Snaps to the women on this show for being able to face this process. I don't know that I would want to see such a model of me. Using this model, Tim sits down with the woman and they discuss her shape, and what styles would work with her figure. Tim and Veronica also go to the woman's home and look at every item of clothing she owns, including underwear. Clothes are sorted into keep, donate, and discard piles. They want to make sure each woman is fully set from top to bottom.

Unlike Stacy and Clinton on TLC's What Not To Wear, Tim treats the women with kindness. Stacy and Clinton on the other hand seem to revel in sarcastically telling women what is wrong with their clothes and how horrible they look. Tim is firm, but compassionate. He appears to genuinely want to help the women on his show.

On the premier episode, when Tim and Veronica take Rebecca shopping for the 10 essential items Veronica pulls a short dress for Rebecca to try on. She looks at Tim and says it will be great with leggings. Now is where the gay man in Tim really shines. He looks truly aghast, his mouth hangs open and he says, "you really stunned me." According to Tim, leggings are a huge fashion mistake.

This show is a lot of fun to watch. And even if you don't like the clothes, Tim is still a riot.

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