Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nipped and Tucked Eyes to Thighs

Last night's episode of Dr. 90210 featured Dr. Matlock. I've talked about him before. He is the obviously gay plastic surgeon who surrounds himself with surgically enhanced women so that he appears straight. Last night we got to watch him go on a date, arranged by his daughter. Apparently he was once married and is now divorced. Gee, I wonder why? On his date, he wore one of the ugliest shirts I have ever seen. This shirt was this large, flowy number. He took his date to Hadaka Sushi. Upon entering the restaurant they were escorted to the adults only room. ADULTS ONLY... in a restaurant?!? They sat down at a table upon which was laying a naked women covered in flowers and sushi. Call me crazy, but to me that is not the way to make a good impression on a woman. What kind of guy takes a woman to a naked sushi restaurant? As if this didn't make a good enough impression, he proudly says to his date, "I am afraid of serious relationships." Honesty in a relationship is a good thing, but you don't come right out and say I don't want any commitments to your date on a first date. Save that for a second date or a conversation after the first date.

Not only did we get to see Dr. Matlock operating as a player, but we also saw him operate on a patient. This patient was getting his "Wonder Woman" makeover. This operation consists of liposuction on her hips, thighs, tummy, arms and chin, a laser vaginal rejuvenation, and a Brazilian butt lift. When discussing the vjayjay procedure, he explained that this patient suffered from stress urinary incontinence as a result of having two children. He added that this was a hygiene issue for her. For her?!? I would think this is a hygiene issue for anyone who has this problem. That he didn't appear to think so is really upsetting.

After seeing this episode, I think we can safely say that Dr. Matlock is a closeted, sleezy doctor with a fondness for golden showers. And we wonder why he is single.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments.and I thought I was the only one who thought this guy's behaviour is obviously that of a closeted "person".But why would he want to hide it?