Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Not So Deperate Yet

The season premier of Desperate Housewives renewed my love of this show. Last season it was getting boring. I hope they will continue the momentum that started this week.

Will Gabby and Carlos get together, or is Edie's blackmailing going to bind Carlos to her? Knowing the goings on on Wisteria Lane, I am sure something will happen to end Edie's hold on him. If I were Carlos, I would immediately transfer all my cash out of the Cayman account and into a Swiss bank account or something. Just move the damn money and then get away from Edie.

The big mystery this season is Kim Delaney. What is the deal with her daughter. Is that really her daughter? Did her real daughter die and she kidnapped this one and that is why she has no recollection of life on Wisteria Lane? This new neighbor is the best new one so far. I love that she is acting like the queen of the neighborhood even though she was gone for 12 years. I'm sorry, but a 12 year absence makes you the new one when you return. You have lost your right to call Bree, Lynette and Gabby new. She and Bree are sure to butt heads, the tree issue will likely be the least of the conflicts there.

Speaking of Bree, I loved it when she threated the old lady in the department store who wanted to touch her "belly." Why do people feel they have a right to touch a woman's belly when she is pregnant. If you did it any other time, it would be unbelievably inappropriate. Pregnancy should not affect that. You ask permission and if the expectant mom says no, you walk away. Bree should have decked the old bat who wouldn't take "no" for an answer. No means no people.

And speaking of pregnant..SUSAN!!! Holy crap! Didn't see that one coming. What is it with this show and women in their 40's getting pregnant? Admittedly Bree isn't really pregnant, but still... The question now is who is the father, Mike or Ian? Will she even tell Ian she is preggers?

Best scene of the night in my opinion was Lynette throwing up in a strangers purse. Brilliant!

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