Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weeds is Back

Another great episode of weeds last night. Nancy's only way out of the situation with U-Turn was for him to die. At the moment he held her by her throat against the wall, I knew a heart attack was coming. I suspect steroid related. He was just too angry all the time. The question now is, what will Nancy do? Will Marvin take over and make her work for him? Will she manage to get back in Halia's good graces and work with Conrad again? What about the trunk full of heroin in the laundry room? What will happen to that? Fine, it is more than one question.

And how about Mary-Kate Olsen as Tar? I loved her as the pot smoking Jesus freak. It was great to see her have a role separate and apart from sister Ashley. Also, what a break away from her other TV role as Michelle Tanner on Full House. Not that the role of a weird druggie is a stretch for her, but still she did the part well. A pot smoking, Jesus freak, slut who won't go all the way working at a senior center calling Bingo. I would say you can't make that stuff up, but obviously the writers of Weeds did. Well done. As part of this whole story line, I loved Silas selling pot to the old man playing bingo. Just hearing the old man say, "fuck the sales pitch, will it fuck me up?" was awesome. Later Tara and Silas talking and smoking was a brilliant scene. Tara's explanation that pot is all natural, created by God so it is like communing with God was priceless. If all religious services included partaking of the herb, there would likely be less religious conflict in the world. Just a thought. Here is how it went down:

The "triangle" that is emerging between Doug, Bill and Celia is getting interesting. Doug played softball and only got a golf membership. Celia played hardball and got a house. Now Doug is jealous and is interfering with the sewer line that he supported to get his membership. What a baby. Doug, you made a bad deal in comparison, but it is what you asked for, grow up and live with it.

I wonder what film is going to be shot in Celia's new home? I suspect a film of the adult nature. Bill is such a slimeball that I wouldn't be shocked if he rented out the house to a porn studio for a week. Moreover, Celia's reaction to moving into a home where a porno was shot would be excellent. Plus Andy catering the shoot. I think he would find a new career.

Finally I am looking forward to the next episode.

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