Saturday, September 29, 2007

ANTM 2nd Show and the Gloves Are Off

What a week for the stupid girls. They had their first real photo shoot and first real challenge. For the challenge, they were given 15 minutes to run wild in Old Navy to pick an outfit that would be appropriate for panel. The judges would pick the winner at panel. For the photo shoot, Tyra has decided to use this season as a pubic forum. In addition to the girls living in a "green" house, this first shoot was to show the dangers of smoking. Each girl was shot twice (not in the Cheney kind of way). The first shot was of the girl looking elegant while smoking. The second was a "reflection" highlighting one of the dangers of smoking. The make up for the second shots was amazing. They had rotting teeth, trach tubes, cancer, etc. I suspect Tyra was tired of this show being a joke in some ways, so she is trying to make it more serious.

During the photo shoot, Bianca got all up in Lisa's grill. She said there was no way a stripper would ever become America's next top model. The verbal sparring was nasty. There was no reason for it to have happened, but for Bianca being a bee-yoch. Is there anyone named Bianca who isn't one? The girls made up later in the episode, but still, for them to be at each other by the second week is scary. I am sure there will be many more sparks flying this season.

Also during the shoot, Mila's reflection was supposed to be someone with cancer, going through chemo and her hair was falling out. Mila couldn't stop laughing. She thought it was funny. She was completely unable to take it seriously or imagine what it would be like to go through this. Jay was not pleased at all.

After the shoot, we see some of the girls in the hot tub at the house. And what is that beside them? Lo and behold! A pack of cigarettes. How someone could smoke is already beyond me. But to do it right after being confronted with such ghastly images of the dangers of smoking?!?

One girl I love this season is Heather. She has Asperger's Syndrome. She is struggling against the social anxiety disorders that come with the condition. Here she is forced to live in a house with 12 strangers while living with a condition that makes social interactions incredibly hard for her. All the other girls talk about her behind her back saying how weird she is. No one is shown to even try to get to know her or understand what is going on for her. My hat is off to Heather. As hard as this competition may be for the others, it is infinitely harder for her.

At panel, Saleisha won the challenge. When it came time to assessing the girls' photos, Heather was selected as the winner!!! Yay Heather!!!!!! The final two were Ebony and Ivory. Seriously, it was Ebony and Mila. But Ebony and Ivory sounded better. Anyway, at the end, Mila was sent packing. And then there were 12.

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