Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tyra the Tyrant?

In a recent interview, ANTM cycle 1 winner, and current Mrs. Peter Brady, Adrianne Curry said they Trya is a Jeckyl/Hyde. Said Curry, "She is totally nice and sweet, but as soon as the camera are off she turns into Naomi Campbell." All I know if that if I go too long with out eating, I get angry hungry. Tyra has been modeling for how long? Give the woman a break, she is starving. And Adrianne, before you won, how was your modeling career going? And now, you are Mrs. Peter Brady. Groovy! In related news, Tyra's talk show is moving to NY and will be filmed in the studio right across from where I live, at least until I move. So I may have sightings to post about soon.


karin said...

where is martha going?

Such said...

Nowhere. Martha is staying put. Tyra's show is next door. Same building, but different set. Besides, if Martha did move out, I would move in. I want her kitchens (the one on the set and the backstage one).