Monday, August 20, 2007

Dr. Hotykie

On the recent Dr. 90210, much of the focus was on Dr. Gary Motykie. This guy is a hottie. I definitely get a ping on the gaydar about him, but that is not the focus here. In addition to being a plastic surgeon, he is also a body builder and is currently working out with a trainer to compete in a body building competition. We see him at the gym working out, and this guy is built. His arms are perfectly sculpted and he looks great. However, both he and his trainer talk about what poor shape he is in.

Are they for real?!? People would kill to look that good. But then again, look at his chosen career. He deals all day long with people with body image issues. This is a case of physician heal thyself. He doesn't even say he is in good shape, but not quite ready for competition. He flat out says he is not in good shape at all. If he is not in good shape, what hope is there for the rest of us?

I get that you are constantly surrounded by people seeking their idea of perfection, but you need to get some perspective dude.

Dr. Motykie talks about how he is so busy working he has no time to go out. He manages to find time to take a salsa dancing class and seems to enjoy himself. The female teacher totally hits on him, but he seems not to notice. He is either gay or clueless. But from my perspective, most straight guys would not only notice a hot woman hitting on them, but they would reciprocate. Dr. M. did nothing. Maybe he's working so much to avoid something else?


Ethan said...

He is SOOOO NOT a hottie, it's scary. I think he's kinds pastey and nasty, actually.

Now, Dr. Robert Rey-- he is a total hottie, from a physical perspective. Sadly, his personality (disorder) makes him repulsive. If I were single, met him in a bar and he never opened his mouth to speak, then I could see it happening. He also has some majorly repressed man-on-man vibes. And, no-- it's not the unresolved Daddy issues either.

But Dr. "Hotykie"??? You've got to be kidding. I want some of whatever you've been smoking...

Anonymous said...

Actually he did date the salsa a year before that episode was ever filmed! He even was seeing her, and many other PATIENTS, behind his, then, long time girlfriend! TOTAL creep and definately NOT all that! Too short first of all.....even if you do have money! YUK!