Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cannabis Culture Continues

Last night was the season premier of Weeds on Showtime. I was so looking forward the new season, but in my opinion, it fell flat. On the plus side, the show did pick up exactly where the last season ended. They didn't cop out and pick up a later on when all the cliff hangers were neatly resolved. Nancy and Conrad were still being held at gun point by U-Turn and the Armenians (no that is not the name of a rock band), Shane was still on the road with Uncle Andy's flaky ex-girlfriend and Silas was pulled over by the cops and Celia for stealing surveillance cameras and no "Drug Free Zone" signs (he was helping mom's business), and all of Nancy's crop was in the trunk. Doug and Dean were still fighting in the bathroom about Doug have slept with Celia (Dean's wife) and Dean having told Doug's wife about the affair. We were left with lots of cliffhangers and I was so looking forward to seeing how they would get resolved.

Spoiler alert, here is a recap of last night:

Nancy was able to convince U-turn and the rest of the gunmen to let her leave and find the missing crop. Celia took Silas' car and found the stash in the back. Nancy, trying to track down Silas to get the stash learns Nancy has the car and is waiting for her at Nancy's house. The episode ends with Celia laying by Nancy's pool and Nancy staring at her entire crop floating in the water. This brought tears to my eyes. All that broccoli wasted. Hopefully it is salvageable.

Having found Silas in the police station, Nancy opted to leave him there so she would at least know where he was. Nancy still has no idea that Shane is missing. In fact Andy's girlfriend abandoned him at a truck stop, but at least she left him the keys to the van so he can drive home. Andy shows up at the truck stop 2 hours after Shane was left and learns Shane left an hour earlier after driving the van around the parking lot for an hour. Andy sets out on foot to find Shane and eventually finds the van, but no Shane. Still no word on where Shane is. All this going on and Nancy still has not had time to fully process the fact that her second husband, a DEA agent, was just killed.

End of recap:

I was hoping that Celia, upon finding the stash, would tell Nancy she wanted in. Not only would it be entertaining to see Nancy involved in the business, but also it would have forced Celia and her estranged husband Dean to work together. Moreover, they would also have to work with Doug who was Dean's best friend until Dean found out that Doug and Celia were sleeping together. Do you see the drama/comedy possible there? It was a no brainer.

I felt like there was no flow to this episode. The episodes usually feel seemless and are highly absorbing. This episode failed to grab me. This is not good for a season premier. This episode is the time for the producers to grab viewers and remind us of what a great series this is. In this regard, they failed. I will keep watching, but I am not as excited for this season as I once was. Hopefully things will pick up soon.

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