Monday, August 6, 2007

I don't know what is better, his comment or Matt Lauer's expression.

Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV, this week Discovery Channel is running Shark Week. An entire week of programs about sharks. Is this something we need to see. Since Jaws, I've had enough problems going into the ocean. Why on earth would I want to watch a full week of sharks?!? I know I have the choice of not watching it, but when I channel surf, I am bound to pass it.

E! has canceled The Simple Life. Whatever will Paris and Nicole do now? Life is so unfair for skinny rich white girls. I don't even get why these two had a show to begin with. They are not interesting. Sure, there are many horrible shows on TV, but this was one of the worst. What have either of them done to warrant their own show? Being born an heiress or adopted by someone famous is not sufficient. At least have to audition. These two twits were just handed a show. They don't need the money. It is like they needed something to fill their day. I guess having that much money left them feeling empty. I wonder what they could do with it. Actually learning how to be adults was apparently too hard. And wanting to help people was not fulfilling enough.

But luckily for Nicole, she is now eating for 1. She is pregnant. And like most of the "role models" for young girls out there, she is not married. Why are celebs glorified when they get pregnant, but real people are scorned? Single is single. How about teaching kids responsibility? If you are going to put your life out there for the world to witness, you have an obligation to not send crappy messages. Being a young pregnant single girl is not a good life choice. Nicole has more than enough money to take care of her child, but this is not the case for most people in this situation. Enough with glorifying recklessness.

And speaking of bad role models and being reckless, I would be remiss not to mention Ms. Lohan. Sure, people are blaming her behavior on not having a stable home life. OK, her mom used to go out and party with her rather than being a mom, but at some point people have to take responsibility for themselves. IF and only if Lindsay wants to clean up will she. But not before then. We all remember a young actress by the name of Drew Barrymore, who by 10 years old was drinking, doing coke and hanging out at Studio 54. But she is now clean and sober and a damn good actress. It may not be too late for Lilo to save her life, her career however I think is DNR. Then again, Winona Rider has a new movie out. So who knows. I think it is time the press took a little responsibility for some of this too. Without the media, would we even know about Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, Brittney, etc? Maybe if they didn't get so much press time, they wouldn't be so messed up. Just a theory. For anyone who challenges that I ask you to check out Kathy Griffin, a self avowed media whore. She will do anything to get in tabloids, including faking being drunk. Kathy at least in honest about doing it. I don't care where Lindsay is right now or if she is in rehab. It is her life, leave her to it and stop filling my valuable TV watching time with this junk.

Let's stop paying attention to all the pop tarts and maybe, just maybe they will go away.

I am a big fan of people crossing from one show to another and last week on the season premier of Dr. 90210 I was treated to seeing Tameka, one of the Deal or No Deal models, getting a boob job. Apparently she used to stuff her bra with kleenex. I think she should be commended for taking such an environmentally sound track. No more wasting tissues to create boobs. Just a dash of silicone and she has saved a forest. On behalf of the planet, thank you Tameka!

In addition to celebrating vacuousness, TV is now celebrating OCD. Anyone watching Bravo's new show Flipping Out has seen some prime OCD moments courtesy of Jeff Lewis. The man is more compulsive than Whitney looking for a supply. He takes Sally's method of ordering to a whole new level. When placing his order for a drink he said, "I want 70% lemonade, 20% punch and 10% Sprite. If they don't have punch, I want 85% lemonade and 15% Sprite. If they don't have lemonade, I want 85% punch and 15% Sprite." Were I getting this for him, he would have ended up with 50% lemonade, 20% punch, 10% Sprite and 20% pee. I am all in favor of getting what you want if you are paying for it, but a little perspective people.

And now a quick homage to my goddess, Giada De Laurentiis. This woman is amazing, she is pretty, funny cooks amazingly well and has cleavage for days. You get her and Sandra Lee together and straight guys will be glued to the TV. One of my dreams is to have Giada to my home and cook her a meal, or even better to cook with her. Giada, if you are reading this, or anyone reading this knows her, call me. I have all 3 of her cookbooks and promise that is you follow her directions, your food will be come out great. At times, I may not like what she is cooking, but she makes cooking accessible to anyone.

OK, I am off to watch more TV so I will have more to comment on. Laters.

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