Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Flipping Outlaw

I mentioned Jeff from Bravo's Flipping Out the other day and after watching a little more of the show I need to discuss him again. OCD is not his main issue. His biggest issue is that he is stupid. He goes on national TV admitting that he often goes into properties he wants to buy before he actually owns it and does some improvements on it before the appraiser comes to appraise it. He even admitted that he knows doing this is illegal. Not only does he put his own career in jeopardy by doing this, but he is putting his entire crew at risk. He tells his workers to keep all the doors and windows closed, not park nearby and not make noise. I realize the workers can refuse to do it, but then they get fired. This man has no morals. Dude, you do not go on national TV and admit breaking the law.

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