Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sprayed with RoundUp?

What is going on with Weeds this season? Last night was the second episode of the new season and it totally fell flat. Celia walking down the street drunk was funny, but overall the show is losing its stride. If this was the first season, I could understand it. The actors would still be getting to know their characters, etc. However, after 2 seasons this is an established show. The actors know their characters and how they relate to one another. Yet for some reason they just aren't gelling this season.

Part of it is for sure the script. The first two episodes covered less than a 24 hour period. Unfortunately, the story did not move that far along. The only thing we know right now is that Nancy owes U-Turn just under $150,000 and that Conrad is going to be U-Turns new farmer growing the Milf Weed. But aside from that, I feel like nothing happened. I understand sometimes things need to slowly build up to a big "tada" moment, but when a show returns for a new season, they need to grab the audience immediately.

Queer as Folk was shocking its first season in an attempt to grab viewers. When it came back for season 2, some of the shock was lessened in favor of more character development. By season 3, it was working nicely. It worked and the show lasted. Weeds could take a lesson from QAF. Your first season you grabbed your audience. Your second season you kept us enthralled, but now you need to hold onto us.

I am rapidly losing interest in the show and I am probably not the only one. This is Weeds' third season. It maintained its momentum between seasons one and two. I don't know what is going on that they cannot seem to get it together this season, but I really hope they do or else I don't see a season 4. Honestly, I think Nancy should just pack up the kids, sell the house, move somewhere new and start over.

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