Monday, November 26, 2007

Let's Talk About It

One of the shows I watch weekly, but have yet to talk about it is Talk Sex with Sue Johanson. The show is on Oxygen, Sunday at 11PM. If you have never watched before, you need to see it. You don't have to watch the full hour to get it, just 10 minutes is enough.

Talk Sex is a call in show. Viewers call in and ask sex related questions to Sue. Sue is not a doctor, nor does she hold herself out as one. When a caller refers to her as Dr. Johanson, she corrects the caller most of the time. The times she doesn't, I think she missed the "Dr." part. The calls on this show range from the retarded to the weird. One caller last night wanted to know if she could get pregnant from "having anal sex in the butt." There are so many problems with that question. First of all, who would think you could get pregnant from anal sex? These are people who vote!!! And secondly, anal sex means in the butt!!!

In addition to the questions, during every show Sue reviews a sex toy from what she calls her "hot stuff" bag. The toys are given charcoal briquettes on the hibachi of love. Seeing a 78 year old woman showing sex toys is a little scary.

Sue often uses dildos and dolls to show viewers what she is talking about. Sometimes she gets very animated and borders on being scary. Unlike Dr. Ruth, she does not have an accent to make her amusing.

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