Friday, November 16, 2007

One Step Closer

Yes, I met Giada tonight!!!! As we were leaving the event tonight she was right in front of us. She is even prettier in person. She was very gracious when I asked to take a photo with her and thanked me for watching her shows. I was totally star struck...and still am. Remember when Marcia Brady met Davy Jones? That is exactly how I feel. I talked to her and touched her. It was beyond amazing. My legs were shaking when I saw her, I almost lost all power of speech.

I am now one step closer to cooking with her. It will happen.

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Ethan said...

I have to say, this was a remarkable moment to behold. As Such's other half, I learned early in our relationship that food & cooking is a key element in his life. I also quickly realized that when it comes to the realm of the kitchen, Giada De Laurentis is Such's Sovereign.

So over the years, I've been watching her as well as the other deities within the Food Network Realm. Such & I have our distinct differences: For example, Such likes Sandra Lee and I think she's a two-bit floozie whore who leeches off other people's creativity and recipies. She distracts. Her semi home-made breasts are the central focus of the screen. And "tablescapes"??? My God! Just cook your own damned food and people won't have to be distracted from it. But I digress....

We can agree, however, that Giada is on a level all her own. And there is a glow that comes from within. Not just now because she's pregnant but all the time. This is the light that comes from a passionate soul. Giada lives, breathes and exists for her food passion. And passionate people doing the things that fulfill themselves and nourish their souls, glow.

So, as the photographer of that now forever-to-be-famous photo (which, I took on my iPhone in the dark with no flash-- not bad, eh?) I have to say that the photo doesn't do her justice. It's really hard to describe. I guess you just had to be there. But there was a magic to her. An aura. A glow. She is more beautiful in person than a photo or her TV show can broadcast.