Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Back to the Start

Kudos to all the competitors on Biggest Loser. They have all lost amazing amounts of weight. Last night I could really see the difference. They are all starting to look great. During the show, after each commercial break they would show photos of competitors from seasons past, where each started and where he or she was at the finale of their season. It was interesting to see that many of the prior seasons competitors started out weighing less than this season's remaining competitors after 11 weeks at the Biggest Loser Campus. And, as I said, the remaining 5 have each lost considerable amounts of weight. Just goes to show how big they were to begin with.

Last week the last member of the Red Team was eliminated. This is the first time an entire team has been eliminated prior to the finale. Then again, they used to only have 2 teams, not 3. This means that trainer Kim is no longer on the show for the rest of the season. But, there are only 2 episodes left, so not a big deal. I just wonder if she will be back next season. After last night's show, of the remaining 5 competitors. 4 are from the Black Team and 1 is from the Blue Team. Part of me wants Neil, the final Blue Team member eliminated next week, so that the final four are all from Jillian's Black Team. However, she would gloat so much that I don't know if I could actually watch it. Neil will likely not be eliminated next week though.

As this season wore on and teams were reformed, Jillian's strategy with the Black Team was to have them steadily eliminate member of the other teams. While this may have helped with team unity, in the long run it hurt them. Rather than competing as individuals, they operated as a group. This had the result of each member of the Black Team now being pitted against one another and seriously damaging each of their chances of winning. When all is said and done, this is still a competition. Some of the remaining members of the Black Team are big threats to their teammates. They should have been eliminated early on. Yes, initially you want big losers on your team to avoid elimination, but at some point, you need to start eliminating them to help your own chances of winning. Even though Jillian wanted her team to lose weight and get healthy, I think her personal goal was to have the Black Team be the only ones in the final four. She knew what she was doing by telling them who to eliminate. As long as the winner is one of her trainees, she will be happy. She does not have the same motivation as the competitors who want to be The Biggest Loser. She didn't let them compete for themselves and in the end, that is going to hurt them.

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