Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Fake Boobies are Back

Last night was the season premier of The Real Housewives of Orange County. For those of you not familiar with this show, RHOC is a reality show following the lives of 5 housewives in Orange County, CA. This is not a good show by any stretch of the imagination, which is of course why I watch it. However, last night's premier was really bad. It is not like I cared about these women before and now I don't; I never did care about them. There was a certain train wreck aspect of the show that was addicting. Unfortunately, it was just more of the same crap last night, but worse in someways.

I am all in favor of having money and being able to buy anything you want, as long as you can afford it. These women can afford anything they want. The most tragic of the women to me is Vicki. She uses money as a way of controlling her children and then gets upset when they aren't thrilled to see her. She is not a parent by any means. Last night she bought her 20 year old daughter a new Mercedes as a present. She then was upset that her daughter wasn't as excited as she was about it. Lady, you can't buy love, no matter what the salesmen tell you. Vicki tries to control every aspect of her children's lives to the point where she told her daughter, who doesn't live at home, that she couldn't go to a concert in Washington. Hello, she is an adult. Get your own life. You wonder why your son wasn't happy to see you when you decided to surprise him at college last year and why your daughter isn't your best friend. I'll give you a little hint - YOU ARE NOT THEIR FRIEND. YOU ARE THEIR MOTHER!

All the women on this show are about as deep as a puddle. Perhaps if they were not surrounded by the opulence of the OC things would be different. However, for all of them it appears that their biggest concern is where to shop. A few of them do actually work, but it seems to be a way of filling their days. Unfortunately they are passing these "values" along to their children. Almost none of these kids show any kind of responsibility. Aside from Vicki's daughter who is in nursing school, none of these kids seem to have any plans for their future. OK, Jeana's sons are pursuing careers in professional baseball, but should that fail, they have nothing to fall back on.

While I am slightly envious of them having the ability to not worry about money, the effects of this lifestyle are truly upsetting. There is no sense of responsibility in anyone on this show. No feelings of gratitude for what they have. No recognition that they are not the norm.

I doubt I will continue to watch this season. I just am so bored with them.

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