Tuesday, November 6, 2007

No Dancing Around It

Last night on Dancing with the Stars the snooty judge in the middle said to one of the dancers, "Just because you are from Brazil doesn't mean you will be good at the Samba, just like being from Texas doesn't make you a good President." I love that shows today are not pulling punches. I expect comments like this from Nora on Brothers and Sisters, but when a judge on a live show makes a comment like this, I am stunned. Thrilled, but stunned.

Television is no longer a place to escape from one's problems. When non-scripted shows start making political statements, it is time for the politicians to pay attention. Admittedly, they should have been paying attention much sooner.

The judge's comments have drawn criticism from some saying that as a visitor to the US he shouldn't be making rude comments about the President. But that is the point of living in this country, anyone is free to express their opinions. And equally as important, the man is correct.

As said on Brothers and Sisters, it is these differences of opinions that make the USA the USA. Anyone who thinks everyone should think and feel the same doesn't belong in this country.

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