Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More on (Moron) the Boobies

In my prior post about RHOC I neglected to discuss an important item. Homophobia. One would not expect such a thing to occur on a network like Bravo, but it was there on RHOC both last season and this season. It came in the form of Jeana's sons Shane and Colton. The two of them call each other gay as a way of putting the other one down.

I am all in favor of the First Amendment and I will steadfastly defend a person's right to speak freely. HOWEVER, when the speech is hate speech I draw the line. While many people would not find this offensive, imagine the uproar if these kids used the "N" word. All hell would break loose. For whatever reason, derogatory comments towards the LGBT community is still tolerated.

Making comments like these kids do is bad enough, but for Bravo to not edit them out or at least bleep them is even more offensive. Bravo is generally the most gay positive network around. So for them to air such comments is puzzling. I contacted GLAAD about this and they told me they spoke to Bravo about this same issue last season and Bravo refused to censor the comments.

I will still watch some shows on Bravo (PR starts next week!!!) but RHOC is out. Not in a gay way, but just out.

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