Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Sew Time

That is the tag line for this season's Project Runway. Season 4 of the show premiered last night. As Tim said, this group is the most talented one so far. Unlike the 3 prior seasons, this everyone competing this season is a fashion designer. It necessarily follows that the people will have more talent in this area.

I love this show. Watching the designers start with nothing, but an assignment and creating a dress in less than 24 hours is amazing. I don't always like the creations, but I can respect the talent and creativity. As long as there is some creativity. I'd rather see something hideous but truly creative than something pretty and safe. These 15 people have the chance of a lifetime. They should take advantage of it. The first challenge of the season was for each designer to create a outfit that represented his or her point of view. They had no restrictions and all the fabric they could grab. Sophie had the honor of being the first designer aufed. Why? She played it much too safe, the dress was boring and poorly constructed. The judges are often will to overlook poor construction as long as the garment rocks. Unfortunately, hers didn't.

In the "this season on Project Runway" we saw clips of what we can look forward to this season. In one clip, Tim announce that Jack, one of the designers has something to tell everyone. I am guessing that he is going to say he is HIV+. Contrary to what some think, this is not something I read as a spoiler on a blog. It is simply a guess.

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This season there are a lot of tattoos on the show. I can somewhat understand one, subtle one, but some of these people are covered in them. Not pretty. And what is with this season's Uber-Bitch Christian (that is his name, not a religious comment). He has this just rolled out of bed hair thing going on that you know he spends hours working on to get it "just so". His coif makes his entire head look lopsided. I didn't think his design was all that good either - it looked very 1980's to me. Retro, but not innovative. He seems to have nothing good to say about anyone but himself. Do people on reality shows not watch them? Do they have any idea how they are going to be perceived? Why on Earth anyone would want to come off as a piissy queen is beyond me.

Our same judges are back this season. It must be noted that Michael Kors is much less orange this season. It is nice to see Heidi not pregnant again. After two seasons of baby bumps, it is good to see her back to model shape. I cannot look at Nina Garcia now and not think of the Big Gay Sketch Show's parody of PR.. Check it out here, it is the second clip on the list

Of course Tim is back. Here is some advice designers, when Tim questions something about your garment, LISTEN!!! He cannot directly tell the designers what to do, but when he strongly questions something, that is his way of saying, "get rid of it." Had crunchy girl Elisa listened to him and cut the monstrous train off her dress, she would not have been in the bottom 3.

Carmen, the token black designer this season, looks like a woman, but when you hear her speak you would swear she's a man. It like like listening to Bea Arthur or Suzanne Pleschette. I would not be shocked to find out she was born a man.

The winner of last night's episode was Rami. While his dress was beautiful, it didn't seem (no pun intended) to require much in the way of sewing. He draped the fabric beautifully and understood how it worked, but it was like calling making a tossed salad cooking.

I am truly looking forward to this season. I am so happy the show is back on.

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Have you ever watched Kid Nation? It can be pretty fascinating - a lot more substantial than i would have expected.