Friday, October 19, 2007

Enough with the patterns

So this week on ANTM the pattern I mentioned last week holds true. Two girls were spotlighted at the start of the episode - Janet and Ambreal. At the end, the final two were Janet and Ambreal. Also for those of you keeping score it was yet another ebony & ivory situation. I know that all the girls this season are either black or white, but each episode it always one black girl and one white girl. Never two white girls or two black girls. Not that it matters at all. I am merely pointing out yet another pattern that is going on this cycle.

At first I thought Heather would be one of the bottom two, but then realized she didn't have a "confessional" type chat with the camera. So I knew it couldn't it be her. However, I was a little off put by some of her comments this week. Most episodes she is shown as being very quiet and keeping to herself. This week they showed her being just as catty as all the other girls. She was very vocal about telling each girl what their "problem" was as far as modeling goes.

I would be remiss if I did not comment on Miss J's hair. Last season his schtick was adding ruffles to his clothes each week, so that by the end he looked almost like a chrysanthemum. This cycle it is apparently the size of his fro. Each week at panel all I can hear when I look at him is "ch-ch-ch-chia!" Seriously, he looks like a chia head the way it keeps growing. If we were truly as fabulous as he thinks he is, he wouldn't have to resort to gimmicks. But alas, he isn't and he does. He looks like he should be running around Tara talking about birthin' babies. I don't get it.

I have also been noticing lately that the photo of Tyra shown before each panel looks like the shoot she had the girls do that week. Where is the creativity? I know it must be hard to come up with new ideas for each episode, but Tyra is just copying shoots someone else designed. I would love to see some originality in the shoots.

We'll see if the patterns continue again next week.

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