Thursday, October 11, 2007

Have To Believe We Are Magic

Private Practice last night was all about magic. Not prestidigitation, but the magical spark between two people.

All the women commiserate over the lack of magic in their lives. Naomi admits she had it with Sam. Unfortunately she is now using cake as a replacement. Cakes provided by Dell whose advice regarding women is, "find out what they want and give it to them." Apparently he has a thing for Naomi. What is truly bothersome is that Addison could have it with Pete as we all know, but she is still stuck in, "I'm a double boarded surgeon" mode and cannot see beyond that. She will sometime, but not yet. Violet could have it with Cooper as well, but she is still stuck on her ex and he needs to grow up.

I do love this show, however, I get tired of the "patient drama mirroring the doctor drama, but the doctors while helping their patients cannot do the same for themselves" situations. It is a good vehicle when subtle and not occurring all the time. Enough already. All the doctors are damaged and it is a case of physician heal thyself. But do we need to be beaten over the head with it? I think not.

A few key moments in last night's show deserve mention. First of all, Addison getting caught in the rain and complaining about how she thought she left that in Seattle. Guess what Addison, you can relocate, but all your "stuff" comes with you. I get tired of seeing her revert back to the same Addison who first came to Seattle Grace. The Addison who left was much more likeable. Super Addison is a bitch and not as interesting.

Next Pete talking to his deceased wife. The power of his statement, "You were a lousy wife and I hated you!" was astounding. We learned that he stayed in a loveless marriage and resents his wife for his choice. Pete is finally ready to let go and face his inner demons. Perhaps Addison's arrival has something to do with this.

Finally, the best line of the show comes from Addison's patient who is not able to have sex with her husband, wants to, but seriously cannot. She comes in saying, "My hoo-hah is broken!" I loved that. Of course at the end, Addison and Pete working together get her working so she and her husband can consummate their marriage and have the full magic.

I am afraid that the Addison-Pete thing may go the way of David Addison and Maddie Hayes. Once they finally get together, the magic of the show will be lost. Hopefully by having other characters around, that won't happen if and when they finally get together. Until then, there will be the constant tension between them that while over used is still fun to watch.

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