Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Talk About Wide Bodies

So this week on The Biggest Loser they all went to Jamaica for a week. Can you imagine being on that flight? What if you had to sit between two of the contestants? The plane wasn't the only wide body in the air.

At the resort in Jamaica we got to see Jillian and Jez get into it about drinking. I am stunned that any of the contestants would actually think of this trip as a vacation. It was a test to show them what being back in the real world will be like. In the real world they will be constantly faced with temptations and have to make smart food choices. I would have preferred it if the contestants were not supervised and then confronted with the results of their choices at the weigh in. That Jez was getting into it about wanting to drink says much about who he is. Here is this morbidly obese man on a show to lose weight, but challenging his trainer on drinking alcohol. He is so not learning a damn thing. He does not deserve to be on this show. And, I really want them to stop showing him without a shirt on. It looks like someone let the air out of his body. He will likely be on Dr. 90210 for a full body lift someday.

The Black team won the challenge this week, but at weigh in time, they lost. FINALLY. During the entire weigh in Jillian looked so damn smug. There was palpable tension in the air during the weigh in between Kim and Jillian. So when Kim's Red Team won the weigh in I wanted her to get in Jillian's face about it. Those two are going to have it out soon. I would pay to watch them fight. Unfortunately I think Jillian would probably kill Kim. She is crazy, and crazy always wins.

At elimination, the Black Team ended up sending one of the twins, Jim, home. Huge mistake! Huge! They don't get how to play this game. In the early elimination, you don't want to get rid of the people losing the most weight. You want to keep them around. If you get rid of your bigger losers, you have a better chance of ending up back in the elimination room again. Until you get rid of 2 or 3 people, you keep the bigger losers and get rid of the people losing less weight. Jez should have been the one to go. He has a bad attitude toward the whole process and is not losing much weight. I so want the Black Team to be back in the elimination room again next week.

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