Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It just Keeps Going and Going and Going

What is up with Weeds this season? It started slow, but then got really good. The last two episodes have been almost painful to watch. Is it just me, or does each episode get shorter and shorter? I thought the great thing able cable series' was that if it is a 30 minute show, you get almost a full 30 minutes as opposed to broadcast stations where a 30 minute show is only 25 minutes. Last night's Weeds, including "Previously on weeds" and "next time on Weeds" was only 25 minutes.

Weeds is not the only show that does this. However on Weeds it feels more annoying because nothing is happening on the show. After 25 minutes, I feel completely unsatisfied. The show is just dragging. I have no clue why they are doing this to us. I don't need lots of action every show, but the stories have got to move a little more quickly. For the past 2 episodes, I have been stunned at the end. At the end I keep thinking, "that can't be it, nothing happened." i am really losing interest in the trials and tribulations of Nancy and the rest of the Agrestic community. If they are trying to show how Nancy is feeling or something, that is a nice gimmick, but this isn't a foreign art film. This is a sitcom. Get things moving.

What is with all these shows now doing the recap and the previews? I don't need that crap. Just show me what is happening this week. If I want to see what happens next week, I will watch it next week. Besides, I am sure I will see promos for the show all week anyway showing me the same trailers, so don't take away my actual viewing time.

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