Monday, October 8, 2007

Secrets, Lies & Key Lime Pies

What a night on Wisteria Lane.

Edie is blackmailing Carlos into marrying her. Hey Edie, if you have to coerce someone into marrying you, you are beyond desperate. You are just sad. Carlos should have just let her hang. The question now is, who was that guy Carlos paid and what did he pay him to do? Is he plotting to have Edie killed? For someone with a prison record, that would be very bad if it backfired on him. Maybe he was paying an accountant to move the money from the Cayman's to a new location where Edie won't find it. I am getting tired of Edie. Enough already. You're a self serving bitch, with no feelings for anyone but yourself. You are a borderline sociopath. They need to get her off the show already.

Gabby was great last night. The scene between her and Lynette in the hospital was fantastic. We saw a side of Gabby never seen before as well as some amazing acting from Eva Longoria. At first I was worried that the Gabby not volunteering to sit with Lynette during chemo would be like when Charlotte didn't offer to loan Carrie money on Sex and the City. However, rather than stemming from fear of losing a friendship, Gabby was simply scared. She didn't want to have to be brave in front of Lynette like she had to be when her father was dying when she was 5. At first we are lead to believe that Gabby doesn't truly consider Lynette a friend. However, the reality is that she probably loves Lynette more than she does Susan or Bree. I think in many ways, Gabby views Lynette as a mother figure as well as a close friend. She is so scared of losing Lynette, that Gabby didn't want to see her in the hospital.

The mystery of Karen's departure and return to Wisteria Lane grows more intriguing. Bree overheard enough last night to learn that Karen is hiding something really big. And not just from the ladies of the lane, but from her own daughter as well (if that really is her daughter). We saw in Susan's flashback (featuring Mary Alice) that Karen's departure was unannounced and seemingly suspect. Karen says she got a last minute job offer in Chicago and the family had to leave immediately. As she is shutting the door, we hear something break inside the house. In the present, Susan asked Karen how the job went and Karen doesn't know what job she is talking about. Susan explains that she meant the one Karen left for and then a light bulb went on for Karen and she gave a lame answer.

The civil fight between Karen and Bree for best homemaker on Wisteria Lane is awesome. Bree has never been challenged on her baking skills before, but now Karen is determined to destroy that. I am hoping for an Alexis-Crystal style fight between these two soon. You can tell Bree wants to beat the crap out of Karen and Karen wants nothing more than to be seen as the new Queen of Wisteria Lane. Where Bree is polite to a fault, Karen gives the impression of being polite, but in realty, she is a cunning bitch - even more than Bree has been in the past.

This season holds a great deal of promise. I hope it continues.

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