Thursday, October 11, 2007

Model Patterns

Once again last night's America's Next Top Model came down to ebony and ivory. This time it was Victoria, the Ivy Leaguer and Saleisha, the model. In the end it was Victoria who was given the boot. Seasoned viewers of the show would have been able to pick out who the final two were going to be within the first few minutes of the show.

I admit that I did not see this pattern, but my genius husband did and pointed it out after the show ended. Each episode begins with one girl making some kind of statement. This week it was Victoria talking about how up until 3 weeks ago, she never considered being a model. That set up the theme for the week - who really wants this. The next scene will be another girl saying how awesome she is and will never be at the bottom. This time it was Saleisha boasting that she will never be in the bottom two. Lo and behold at the end of the show, the bottom two were Victoria and Saleisha. Watch next week, you will see. It is like the beginning of each episode of the original Star Trek. Every show starts with a team beaming down to some planet. The team will be some composition of Kirk, Spock, Bones, Sulu, Chekov and one random crew member. Gee, who is going to get killed? This formulaic approach doesn't detract from the show as a whole, but it would be nice to not have any clue who will be the bottom two each week.

This week was also arguably the best episode of each season - the makeovers. Unfortunately unlike past seasons, no one had a melt down this time. Bianca sort of did, but that was because she had such over processed hair to begin with that they couldn't do anything but shave it off. And you know what? She looked great. She is not totally bald, but her hair is very short. Moreover, they gave her a wig styled like Tyra had initially planned for her. That is totally unfair. Bianca now gets two looks to work with. She should have to have the wig on for every shoot. By allowing her to sometimes wear it and sometimes not, she has an advantage over the other girls. Overall the makeovers were good. I think Chantal looks too much like Mina Suvari though. There was not much variety in the makeovers. Several of the girls now have long blond hair, several have short Liza or Mia hair. Saleisha ended up with a do that makes her look like a throw back to the 70's, almost china dollish. Of course at panel time the judges complained that they couldn't see her eyes in the photo. Hello, her bangs practically cover them. My girl Heather had almost nothing done to her hair. Tyra said it already was model hair. She just got some highlights and a trim.

Going back to the judges comment about Saleisha's eyes, I hate when the criticize something the model had little control over. If they don't like the pose, blame either Jay for setting the pose or Tyra for choosing that particular photo. It's not like the model had any say is what photo was used. If they want to talk about how bad a particular photo or pose is, then leave it up to the model to select the photo for panel. If Tyra picks the photo, then she has no right to say how bad it is. I think Tyra occasionally picks poor photos for some of the girls so they either learn something or get booted. Also, I am tired of them telling the models the photos were uninteresting or something to that effect. Jay directs the shoots. He tells the girls what to do. Sure the girls are supposed to take his direction and then work with it, he is still the one who sets it all up. It is almost like he and Tyra have no contact regarding shoots. Sometimes I feel like what Jay did was great, but it ends up not being what Tyra wants, and then it comes down on the model.

Nevertheless, I still love the show. Despite the formula and the sometimes contradictory actions of the "experts," I am not going to stop watching.

Oh, before I close, guess who I saw on the the street the other day? TYRA!!!! I told you all her talk show is filmed across the street from my apartment. Well the other day I am walking down 7th Ave. and she was walking along 26th St. heading back to her studio. She is stick thin, but my god is she pretty.

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