Monday, December 31, 2007

Out of the Ordinary

I normally post something TV related, but I need to switch to movies for a moment. And, not even a movie based on a TV show. Last night I saw I Am Legend. Until then I had never walked out of a movie saying, "I hated that!" Now I have. I have left movies feeling upset or disturbed, but not hating the movie. I have even not liked some movies. I Am Legend is the first movie I officially hate. The premise of the film is good, but the execution is lacking. Will Smith does an admirable job portraying the last uninfected person in New York City. The mechanisms he creates t maintain his sanity are great. And 99% of the dialog in the film is actually a monologue by Will. He is great. Nevertheless, as a whole, this movie sucks. There is a glaring hole in the plot that comes out towards the end of the movie.

After about an hour, I was sure the movie had to be almost over. I was pissed to see that I still had about 45 more minutes to sit through. The movie felt interminable. Perhaps that was the film maker's goal. This way we could feel the struggle Will Smith's character is facing. Then again, maybe I am just trying to justify how awful this movie was.

Do not see this film. It is 100 minutes of your life you will never get back.

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