Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sad, so so sad.

Yesterday I caught a mistake on Food Network. What saddens me so is who made it. Yes, it was she. My goddess messed up. It was not a huge glaring mistake, but a mistake none the less. Giada was preparing a meal for a dinner party - Braciola, broccoli rabe, bread sticks and an endive salad. I am actually making this meal (save the endive salad) for dinner on Christmas Eve (can't have Chinese until the next day). At the end of the episode they showed everyone at the table eating ( I love when they show the event for which Giada was cooking. Watching people rave about her food is fun). Anyway, so there they are, Giada, Todd and 2 other couples, sitting around the table. Giada is telling everyone what each dish is. However, the broccoli rabe is not served. She made it. I saw her do it. Yet, when it came time to eat - no broccoli rabe. It wasn't even mentioned. It was as if she never made it.

I would have preferred her saying something like, "I made broccoli rabe, but it didn't come out well, so I decided not to serve it." At least acknowledge that you made it. I don't care if it was bad. In fact I would welcome seeing that not everything Giada makes comes out well. She's a human being and allowed to make mistakes. But pretending it never existed bothers me.

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