Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dear Suzy

Dear Suzy,

I missed the final episode of Biggest Loser because I was busy working out, not eating like you probably were. I found out that Bill won and his twin brother Jim who was kicked off early in the season won the second chance. So not only did Jillian's have the only contestants in the final 4, but she also won the second chance. Sure they look good now, but just wait. I mean look at your husband, Matt who won season 2, he was trained by Jillian and is getting big again. Then again, it is probably your fault he's fat again. It's bad enough that you messed up your own body, but do you really have to take him down too?

This season Kim is gone and it is back to Jillian and I as the trainers. I hope Kim comes back, Jillian scares the crap out of me and I know I can at least have a win against Kim. Instead of having 2 teams of 6, there are now 10 teams of 2. We each have 5 teams to train. Even though only 2 of my 5 teams teams picked me as their trainer (the others all wanted Jillian, but she was filled quickly and I got the left overs) I will show them I am a hard ass. Sure I may act like a sissy, but I'm in great shape and they're all fat. Maybe seeing how many people "got stuck with me" will force me to step up my game and give me the incentive to FINALLY beat Jillian. It's not like you did anything to help me beat her when you had the chance. With you it was all about you, you didn't do squat for me.

I hope I don't see you and Matt on here if they ever do another couples season. Face it, if you come back you really would be the biggest loser...and not in a good way.



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