Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Golden Globes

I do not like awards shows. I will occasionally watch if forced to, but in general, I do not watch them. The musical numbers during the Tony's are my exception. Who doesn't love a big ass production number? The award shows used to have a sense of glamor, but not they are just self aggrandizing ego boosts. True, some celebs ( and I am talking mostly about men here) do dress quite well, but when they show up looking shaggy and like they are going to the laundromat it detracts from the event. These events are all about people who are already getting paid for a few weeks work more than most of us will make in a lifetime. And now they need to get an award for it? Come on!

The Golden Globes is different than the Oscar's or Emmy's. The Golden Globes always seems like a more fun event than the other award shows. Who will forget Christine Lahti missing her entrance because she was in the bathroom? At the Golden Globes, the actors really seem to he there to have fun and just enjoy the time.

This year, because of the writer's strike, the Golden Globes was transformed. Gone were the red carpet and acceptance speeches. No pre-show showing the celebs arriving for the event. Instead, this year's Golden Globes was just Nancy O'Dell and Billy Bush standing at a podium reading the winners' names. I actually liked this better. Sure the flash was missing, but it was fast, over in one hour. None of the bad jokes, no long speeches, no staying up late to see the whole show.

Even though the writer's strike is totally messing with my TV watching... I want new episodes, I do fully support the writers. And, if anything good has happened as a result of the strike, it looks like award shows will be shorter. YAY!

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