Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ANTM Gets it Right!!!

Whitney won this cycle of America's Next Top Model! What is so amazing about this is that Whitney is "full figured." She is not a size zero waif. She has curves. She is gorgeous. She is a real woman that most young girls can identify with. She is healthy looking, not emaciated.

I am so thrilled that finally a real woman won. Whitney is showing that real women are beautiful and that one does not have to be rail thin. What a fantastic message to be sending to young women everywhere. It is about time the fashion industry started taking some responsibility for the eating disorders it has created. Even if Whitney was solely chosen to send that message, I don't care. To me, she was the best this season and she deserved the win.

Tomorrow I will take my camera to Times Square and get a photo of her billboard - if it is up.

Yay Whitney!!!!

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